Thank you for dropping by our site. Obviously, this is a brand new blog. So, I really mean it when I say, welcome!

I envision that I’ll be filling this space with a combination of both sales and marketing content as well as a bit of tech talk. Other than my kids and dogs, those are my favorite subjects. This is why I often refer to myself as a sales & marketing geek.

I spend a portion of every single day reading and/or listening to information that will help me grow my business. As a small business owner who works with other small business owners, I hope that I can add value to your lives by sharing what I am learning. You’ll find that I get most excited about being able to use tech tools to save time and money. Setting up automation systems does take time but once they’re set up correctly, they help us all spend more of our time doing what we love. For me, I love helping people solve problems.

You’ll also find I enjoy quizzes, polls, and surveys, so I will use these tools here as well. They provide a quick, fun way to learn about you. Knowing what problems you’re experiencing provides motivation for me to try and find a solution or connect you with someone who might already know the solution.

I know building an audience can take time. I’m ok with that because I expect it. But, if you do drop by, please say hi so I know there’s someone out there.


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