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Cultivating Sales has developed a three level certification program to help others learn the Highlevel software from how to login to strategizing with clients. Along with various methods of learning, we have built 15+ workbooks, guides, and cheat sheets for students. These guides are extremely in depth with step by step instructions, definitions, and tons of examples.

Rather than scrolling through a youtube video from 3 years ago hoping to find the 10 second clip you needed to finish your project for 45 minutes, use these guides to create a smooth experience for yourself and your clients.

What You Get With The Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

Plan Guide - Work through the key pieces needed for any project BEFORE you start building

Account Fields & Values Guide - Helpful list of every standard field you can pull into messaging & where the info pulls from

Build Guide For Appointments - This guide will specifically walk through how to set up all the pieces you need for a smooth appointment process. Any user you create with admin access will have various settings to customize before booking under the calendar tab of your settings

Membership Cheat Sheet - A general look at the ways you can connect your membership products to offers, funnels, or manually add

TOOLKIT MEMBER ONLY BONUS - Workflow Dictionary Guide - Each workflow you create will have several settings & configurations you are able to customize. As well as details logs to help you track your steps & troubleshoot. In this guide, we walk through important terminology, every workflow trigger, action, and tons of examples

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

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"Nowhere have I ever found a software platform with so much hands-on support and community. It’s mind-blowing how much access and strategy we can get simply from showing up to open office hours. I’m very grateful!"

Matt Brauning | Evolution Seminars