Social Capital Podcast Interview

Recently I was interviewed byLori Highbyfor herSocial CapitalPodcast.She’s got the p

erfect podcast room in her incredible offices in downtown Milwaukee.It’s always fun for me to get downtown.I’ve been a suburban girl for a long time but did live downtown in my early 20’s.Memories…

The focus of Lori’s podcast is networking.It’s interesting that we met because of networking.I metStacy Kaatat a networking event and we met for coffee to get to know each other better.When I told her about my business she insisted that I get to know Lori.So,I did!

Lori is the owner ofKeystone Clickwhich is a digital marketing and web design company.She’s been in business since 2008 and she’s young!I love seeing a young woman develop a such a successful company!I have since gone on to refer Lori to many people.She is a‘systems’person and that is what makes her services so successful.Even the podcast process she took me through was beautifully systematized.It didn’t feel overly structure but being a systems person myself,I could see how she orchestrated the entire experience.It was smooth and organized and I felt very comfortable.When I refer people to Lori and her team,I know they’re going to be well taken care of.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and learning a bit more about me and my views on networking.If you have any questions or would like to meet in person or on a Zoom meeting.You can grab time on my schedulehere.

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