Our Process For Developing Your Mobile App

Every Mobile App project needs a road map. From design to development, we work closely with you each step of the way.

1 - Initial Meeting

The creation of your app will begin with an initial meeting to discuss your business, your goals and how you envision your app looking at the end of this process. I will listen carefully to your ideas and needs while at the same time offering guidance and consultation based on my experience and expertise.

2 - Clarify Proposal

Once I have a clear idea of your specific requirements and the workings of your business, I will then be able to give you a detailed proposal. From there it's entirely up to you whether or not to go ahead with the development of your app.

3 - Contract

If you decide to proceed, I can then prepare your contract. This will outline the full Scope of Work and ensure both parties are completely happy with the arrangement.

4 - Checklist

At this time, we start to work through our checklist to make sure we have everything we need. This is when we'll ask you to supply us with your logos, photos, pricing, etc. Having everything we need at the beginning of the project prevents any development delays later on.

5 - Design

Next it's time for us to implement the branding aspect of your app. Add your colors, icons, layout, etc. This is when your app starts to come to life. We will also provide you with an online tool for previewing your app during this process. 

6 - Development and Testing

Next we develop all the functional elements you've chosen for your app. Elements like loyalty cards, coupons, ecommerce, book appointments/reserve a table, newletter, etc. After development, stress testing is necessary to ensure that your app works properly and consistently.  

7 - Launch

Finally...the launch! We will upload your app and set up it's listing in the ITunes and Android stores. While we're waiting for them to be approved, we can help you develop the promotional tools you'll need to build the buzz for your app. Here we discuss your plan for how you're going to promote your new marketing tool via your employees, social media, banners, your website, etc.

8 - Train and Implement

Once you have your first 25 downloads, we work with you to send your first push notification and train you on how to implement your mobile app marketing plan. We show you how to work with all the elements, make changes, read your analytics, etc. This will be your favorite step because this is where we Show You The Money! Now would be a great time to enjoy a glass of champagne!

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