Scheduling Appointment Frustration

What Frustrates You When Scheduling Appointments?

I have been in sales & marketing for my entire career. Scheduling appointments to meet with other people has been something I have always had to do. I know the process of scheduling appointments frustrates me, so I was curious if it was just as annoying for other people too.

Time For A Survey

To try and find some research, I discovered Google has a service called Google Survey? I asked Google to survey 250 people and ask them this question. “What is your biggest frustration when it comes to setting appointments with prospects?” The results came in 2 days and it only cost me $75.00.

Why did I choose an open ended question instead of a list? That was because I wanted to hear their answer in their language. What words did they use? How did they explain their frustrations? I got a lot of interesting answers! The funniest one was that appointment setting frustrates him because “I don’t like wearing pants.” I know that he was male, between the ages of 25-34 and from US-South-Texas because Google game me those details in their report.

I’m aware that a survey this small isn’t statistically relevant.  So, I know not to assume all 25-34-year-old men from Texas don’t like wearing pants.  I did it only to provide myself with some insight as to how others felt about scheduling appointments. The pants thing wasn’t an insight I expected to get.

My next step was to categorize the variety of answers into catagories. I pulled out any of the answers that weren’t relevant to this exercise and here are the results that told me what I wanted to know.

The Results

CategoryNumber of Responses
Coordinating Schedules55
People Who Don’t Show45
Finding Qualified Prospects17
Time Consuming15
Showing up Late5
Want Reminders5
Waiting for a Response4
Time Zone Issues3
Anxiety Gets in the Way3
Double Booked2

The #1 response does not surprise me at all. Coordinating schedules is frustrating and time consuming. Back and forth emails/text messages trying to find a date and time that works for both. Then, to have to decide on a location on top of that. Don’t forget when someone needs to reschedule and the process starts all over again.

It was surprising to me the number of people who deal with No shows. I think that depends upon the industry you’re in. No shows are a huge waste of time and money. I don’t think people realize how much it hurts a small business when they just ‘forget‘ or decide it’s just not important to keep their commitment. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to be late or to not fulfill a commitment, so I would never purposefully skip an appointment. I am guilty though, of putting the wrong date or time in my calendar and the result is the same. I’m am one of those nasty no shows.

The Answer to Scheduling Appointments

Technology now exists to make the appointment scheduling process faster and easier, as well as reduces the number of no shows. That’s why I built the Client Engagement Platform. As a small business owner, I don’t have time to be chasing people. I let the system handle all that for me. It’s like having an employee who manages my calendar for me.

If you’d like to try my system out, let me know and I can provide you with a free trial.

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