Frankenstein is Not Your Friend

When we start our new business, we need to pull together a number of tools. Printer, laptop/tablet, 2nd monitor, Smartphone, etc. These are the hardware tools that allow us to work from wherever we choose.  We also need to start gathering the software we’ll need. Some will be specific to our industry and some will be general business software that pretty much everyone needs to have. A short list of those look like this:

  • A CRM – A way to keep track of our contacts/relationships
  • A Money Management Program – This is what helps us keep track of the money coming in and the money going out. If you accept credit card payments, you’ll also need to process those.
  • An Appointment Scheduling Program – If you make money as a result of meeting people (in person or online), you’ll need a way to automate that. The same goes for class/event registrations.
  • Document Sharing – If you have a business that requires sharing documents, you’ll need something more secure than email.
  • Online Meeting Software – If you hold meetings with people all over the country/world, this is an important tool. Also useful for webinars/training.
  • Email – It won’t be going away for a L-O-N-G time!

The list of software tools can go on and on. Software allows us to perform specific functions quickly and easily. Unfortunately, as our list grows, so do the problems. It isn’t long before we’re trying to Frankenstein together all of our systems just trying to get them to ‘talk’ to each other. What once saved us time, is now eating up our time.

It’s important to find a software tool that can handle the majority of everything you need all in one system. That’s what our Cultivating Sales Platform is designed to do. It’s the ultimate Solopreneur software tool.

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