Online Scheduling

Should I Add Online Scheduling to My Website?

Benefits of Online Scheduling

Adding online scheduling to your website, social media platforms and your email campaigns will provide you with the 5 following results:

  1. Increase Conversions – Customers will be able to access your calendar 24/7. A better user experience equals an increase in conversions. People like working with companies who make it easy to buy from them. Don’t you?
  2. Save Time – Spend less time arranging appointment times and more time on your business. Skip the back and forth emails and texts trying to find the right time and date.
  3. Boost Productivity – With online scheduling, an average of 40% of appointments are booked outside of normal business hours. This not only benefits you, but allows your customers too book when they have the time.
  4. Reduce No Shows – Thanks to automatic email and text notifications, reminders and pre-payment options, no shows are reduced by up to 80%. Notice the word automatic. That means it’s something you don’t have to do. Set it and forget it.
  5. Upsell – Showcase all of your service offerings in your booking widget to increase awareness for all that you offer. Has anyone ever said, “I didn’t know you offered that!” Well, this solves that problem!

Would you like to see how the online scheduling system could work for you?

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