Meet Vice President of Cultivating Sales

Stephanie Blair

Automation Expert By Day, Cat Mom By Night

About Me

My work.

Along with fielding client inquiries and software technical support questions, I help our clients build tools to increase their sales. My ability to ask the right questions helps narrow down exactly what they need. Together we strategize on the projects, software, and support customized to their needs. For some, it could be our fully functional CRM with a marketing and workflow builder. The client package I create is designed to streamline communication with each of their customers and prospects to easily share their message and scale their sales. In some cases, clients look to me to build out a personalized webinar, start to finish. The result is a complete plug-and-play package that can be used to successfully launch their newest product or service.

Adding to our ever-expanding list of client offerings, I have recently developed a complete Platform Certification Program to help teach entrepreneurs, OBM's, virtual assistants, and more how to develop critical knowledge about our platform so they can build their own business helping clients in the software.

My personality.

It gives me great pleasure to share things that I have learned with others. When something I am teaching someone registers and the light goes off for them, it equates to fireworks for me.

Not only a born teacher, but I am a problem solver. It’s in my blood. I'm proud to say, I am a third-generation businesswoman instrumental in helping entrepreneurs succeed. My passion is to help. If I can take some of the stress and anxiety off the shoulders of a business owner, as well as give them hours of their time back, I have done my job. I understand the hard work it takes to fertilize and grow a strong, healthy business. Something you can be proud of. Something you can share with the next generation.

Now it’s your turn.

What can I do to help you?

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If you are a marketing agency and are interested in offering this software to your clients,

you can connect with our development team by clicking here. If you are an affiliate of Cultivating Sales, you qualify for up to $500 off our Platform Certification Program.