Increase visits, sales and engagement for your business with a custom mobile app

We build beautifully designed, affordable mobile apps for small businesses, groups and organizations.

Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

Cultivating Sales is a mobile marketing company that creates affordable mobile applications for small, local businesses. We specialize in creating engaging apps in virtually any industry helping our clients gain a marketing advantage over their competition.

Why A Mobile App?

A mobile app can help your organization in a number of ways and is something that every small business should consider investing in.

  • Create lots of new marketing opportunites with push notifications, coupons, and mobile loyalty cards.

  • Give you a new and more convenient way to take orders thus increasing your turnover and profits while reducing overhead

  • Improve the quality of service you provide to your customers by giving them new ways to contact and interact with you.

  • Help your business get ahead of the competition by building a stronger relationship with your customers.

  • Get you exposure from the iTunes App Store/Google Play Store in order to attract new customers and increase your brand visibility

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Is Your Business Mobile Ready?

We Build Awesome Mobile Apps

At Cultivating Sales, We Specialize In Developing Affordable Mobile Apps For Small Businesses. Our Apps Are Designed and Developed To Help You Grow Your Business, Increase Sales And Attract New Customers.





Industry Wide Mobile Solutions

We work with all types of businesses to provided affordable mobile applications that boost sales, increase engagement and get you ahead of the competition.





Real Estate

Pet Services

1 in 2 of adult cell phone owners in the U.S. have installed apps on their phones.

Our Mobile App Features

Here Our Just A Few Of Our Mobile App Features To Keep Your Customers Engaged

Push Notifications

Send Messages To Your Users

Mobile Commerce

Sell Your Products


Set Appointments


Offer Discounts

Real Time Chat

Answer Questions In Real Time

Facebook Feed

See Your Posts on Your App

Manage Your App

Easily view your user base and return on investment with a birds eye view of your app from the back office dashboard. From the back office you send push notifications, inapp messages, manage coupons and special offers.

Mobile Platforms We Work On


iOS is the platform used by Apple. This is the operating system found on iPhones and iPads and thus is very widely used and highly regarded.

If you create a mobile app, then really you should have a presence on both IOS and Android platforms.


Android apps are apps that run on the Android operating system. This is the operating system found on a wide variety of non-Apple phones these days, including phones from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Amazon and Sony.

Many tablet devices also use Android and as an open-source system, it is also available on some computers and even smartwatches. It is the most widely used mobile operating system of all.

More than 80% of business owners said they would love an app but are under the impression that it is too expensive. With our technology, it’s now affordable for everyone.

Wonder What Your Mobile App Would Look Like?

Request your own mock-up. Give me a little information and I will mock-up a mobile app just for your business. This will give you an idea of what we can do and how it can be tailored for your business. Best of all – there’s no charge to you!


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